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Applications are currently closed, but please check back next semester for more possibilities to become a part of the executive team. Be sure to follow our Facebook page, LinkedIn Profile and Instagram page to keep up to date with application dates and more!

Join Our Team!

We have a number of teams within ABSA. Students from across Australia have a unique opportunity to be part of the association and work alongside industry advisors throughout their time with ABSA. Build your network, develop new and existing skills, and thrive on a fun and rewarding experience! Don't worry too much about what specific position you should apply for - ABSA welcomes an adaptive and functional professional development experience where our people are free to move between roles and teams.

The Projects Team

The Projects team is responsible for developing and coordinating projects, which will facilitate our student member’s professional development. They are focused on delivering events such as workshops, panel discussions and case competitions which aim to build and strengthen a range of high demand technical and soft skills.​ Responsibilities:

  • ​Securing room/venue bookings
  • Planning logistics and implementation for projects
  • Planning a timeline of events throughout the year
  • Generating new project idea
  • Help prepare project briefs and contingency plans
  • Time management and ability to meet deadlines
  • Organisational skills
  • Teamwork Innovative
  • Adaptive Problem-solving

Expected hours: 3+ hours per week

The External Relations Team

The External Relations team is responsible for liaising with industry professionals and their respective firms in attempt to build ABSA’s sponsorship network and raise capital. This is to ensure our student members can be equipped with the opportunities and resources required to facilitate their professional development.


  • Liaise with companies on sponsorship/partnership opportunities
  • Maintain all sponsorship obligations throughout the year Ensure events and projects in partnership with external parties are rewarding for members
  • Attending networking events to familiarise the industry with our organisation
  • Socially aware
  • Strong Interpersonal skills
  • Professional acumen
  • Someone who displays confidence
  • Experience with interacting with industry representatives
Expected hours: 3+ hours per week

The Marketing Team

The Marketing team is responsible for defining the ABSA brand through all social media platforms in order to achieve national recognition. This also includes ensuring our members are aware of the resources and opportunities available for their professional development via our informd platform and monthly Magazine.


  • Conducting Market Research
  • Producing content for all social media posts
  • Collating and analysing membership data
  • Keeping members updated on upcoming events, opportunities and real world events
  • Publishing written articles and other ad-hoc content

  • High level of creativity
  • Strong communication skills·
  • Confident in graphic design·
  • Photography/Photoshop
  • Research ability
  • Passionate/hard-working
  • Reliable
  • Time management and ability to meet deadlines for competiting tasks

​Expected hours: 3+ hours per week

The Finance Team

The Finance team is responsible for maintaining the financial health of our overall organisation. This includes general bookkeeping, budgeting for events and financial forecasting.


  • Bookkeeping (ie. accounting for income and expenses, issuing invoices and receipts, preparation of Financial Statements)
  • Annual Financial forecasts
  • Event Budgeting

  • Accounting/Finance Student
  • Financial forecasting and budgeting abilities
  • Experience using accounting softwares such as Quickbooks
  • Strong communication skills (both verbal and written)
  • Problem solving
  • Passionate about numbers!
  • Time management and ability to meet deadlines

​Expected hours: 3+ hours per week