Our Story

The Australian Business Students' Association (ABSA) was created in February 2018 when Thomas G. Ryan joined with industry professionals to address the challenges which business students face, bridging both corporate and student perspectives. It was clear at the time that the graduate process lacked clarity, efficiency and transparency, which would subsequently leave students applying for graduate positions unsettled and disenfranchised with the system.

Within the first three months, ABSA grew rapidly with a team comprised of over 60 students and professionals. ABSA has continued to deliver on its vision of equipping tomorrow's leaders with the opportunities to succeed through a strategy focused on serving Australian business students through development, networking and growth focus areas.


Despite the unprecedented events of 2020 with the global pandemic, Matthew Fakhoury (President) and Anastasia Cao (Vice President) were able to spearhead the formal restructure of ABSA, changing the membership base to consists of student society groups. This provided ABSA with the outreach required to make desired impact in the business student community.

​Today, ABSA stands as the leading representative network for business students across Australia and is proud to work with student bodies, universities and organisations to address the challenges between business students and a competitive corporate sector. Across its members, ASBA represents the interests of over 30,000 business students.